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 Urgent - Egypt

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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Urgent - Egypt
Breaking into Headquarters of the Wafd Party and Newspaper ..
Announced the Fall of the Rule of Law

During the process of the referendum on the draft constitution yesterday Saturday 15 December, many of the supporters of some Islamic movements have gathered in Libnan Square and besieged the headquarters of the Popular Trend. After skirmishes with security, they went and broke into the Headquarters of the Wafd Party and the Newspaper using Molotov bombs and firearms and setting fires in cars of some members of the Party and the editors of Al-Wafd Newspaper.

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists strongly condemns the violence taking place across the country by supporters of the Islamic movements. Also, the Program condemns the destruction, burning and the storm into the ancient Headquarters of the Wafd Party and confirms that these incidents are clear cut and explicit violation of the right to freedom to practice politics and to opposition and also shoulders the full responsibility of what happened to the State President, the government and the security where their responsibility is to provide security and protection to all citizens, including the political oppositions.

The Program believes that the siege and the intimidation of some independent newspapers and political parties, and the threat of some political currents clearly represents that the ruling will not accept differences of opinion or of political views among different ideological factions on the Egyptian arena in the future, what predicts the existence of a repressive dictatorship ruling with religious tincture that can forcibly impose his views on people.

The Program emphasizes that the Egyptian revolution has been broken out in search for freedom and a guarantee not to replace the repressive regime with another.

The Program calls upon President Mohamed Morsi to perform his real responsibilities toward his people, and to abide by the various security agencies to maintain security and stability. Beside, the security should provide full protection to all Egyptian citizens, whether they support the ruling or not with various peaceful legal means and legitimate mechanisms.
The Program emphasizes that the continuation of the same policies of adoption of violence will not lead to the stability of the regime or a particular movement, but will lead to the destabilization of the country and the destruction of the rule of law and the state institutions, and will result in consecutive and successive waves of violence and counter-violence.
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Urgent - Egypt
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