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  The Syrian Human Rights Organization welcomes the statement of the U.S., State Department, and commends its declared positions in support of right,

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مُساهمةموضوع: The Syrian Human Rights Organization welcomes the statement of the U.S., State Department, and commends its declared positions in support of right,   الخميس يناير 10, 2013 4:22 am

The Syrian Human Rights Organization welcomes the statement of the U.S., State Department, and commends its declared positions in support of right, democracy, and human rights, in keeping with the legacy of culture and humanity left by the founding fathers of the United States of America. This statement confirms the following facts:

1 -What was concluded in Geneva was never an accord, but a consensus agreement between the parties belonging to the liaison group working on Syria, on a statement of principles to govern the plan for a transition of power in Syria. No agreement has been reached to date as to the interpretation of what was agreed to in Geneva.

2 -The Syrian Human Rights Organization did not at that time express its reservations at the idea of the formation of a comprehensive and expanded transitional government , ​in accordance with the declared and official positions of the political players in Geneva, led by the United States, and expressed by the Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, when she stated that the "transitional government in Syria should be a comprehensive and expanded governing body which should exercise a full executive power as a preparation for electing a leadership of Syria in a transparent manner.”

Brandishing sanctions against the Syrian regime if they did not comply with the agreement, Mrs. Clinton also said: "America is open to any international resolution based on the Geneva Consensus, but such an international decision must be accompanied by sanctions on Assad and his regime if he does not comply with it.”

Mrs. Clinton also stated separately that the present situation, in which Syria is exposed and subject to extreme acts of violence, required more actions by the Security Council, in order to send a strong message to President Assad. She added also that any international decision will have no effect unless it expressly stipulates real sanctions in the event of non-compliance. In another statement Mrs. Clinton declared that in the absence of serious pressure on the Assad regime, the United States remained committed to taking further steps, in cooperation with those countries that participated in the agreement, to speed up the process of bringing an end to the Assad regime.

3- This was the official declared position of the United States on Syria at the time the Geneva consensus was declared on 6/30/2012. At that time, the number of victims recorded by the Syrian Human Rights Organization as having been killed by the Assad regime had reached 18067, among them 1374 children and 1328 women. Therefore, we did not express our reservations about the Geneva consensus at that time, even though because its agreements were not explicit as to whether Assad should leave or face trial, in the hope of peace and stopping the bloodshed in Syria, even at the expense of justice and human rights.

4- But today, we face a new reality on the ground. Up to the time of writing this statement, the number of the victims has reached 61034, among them 4037 children, and 3953 women, or an additional 42817 human victims killed by Bashar Al-Assad, whether by burning, cutting their throats, by the acts of snipers, by burning them alive, or buryng them under the rubble, all this in addition to the victims of collective punishment.

5- The Syrian Human Rights Organization does not know the level of pressure put on Assad during the last six months, which Mrs. Clinton referred to in her statement, and which resulted in the deaths of 42817 Syrian victims during the past six months. We also have no information about any further steps taken by the Security Council against Assad during the past six months, as had been intimated by Mrs. Clinton 's statement, or about the nature of the fatal sanctions discussed in the announcements of the Geneva agreement that rained down on Assad’s head and led him to take the lives of this tremendous number of victims.

6- Even though the Geneva consensus did not indicate, either indirectly or openly, that Assad should leave power, still it was possible at that time to imagine peace at the expense of justice, honor, and human rights, under a system of international policy and standards known only to God and to those well versed in the sciences of discrimination among human beings, religions, and historical groups.

But now, after this great human toll, after the death of 1400 victims died under torture, with mor than 150,000 injured and wounded, most of them with permanent disabilities, more than 70,000 persons subjected to enforced disappearance, more than 150,000 detained, more than 500,000 to detention, and so many million of persons displaced from their homes outside and inside Syria;

The Syrian Human Rights Organization supports the declared and the official position of the European Union Commission for Foreign Affairs articulated by Mrs. Catherine Ashton that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has to step down in order to reach a settlement to resolve the Syrian conflict, which has led to the death of over 60000 victims over the 22 months from the start of this crisis.

As for the Geneva consensus, it was designed only to serve the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian mafia, Mr. Lavrov, who acted as a small employee with a small salary under the shadow cabinet of President Assad Jr. His natural place is with the “Shabiha,” cheering with one voice:

“Assad does not want to step down from power!”

“Assad or no one!”

“Assad or we burn the country!”

"We slaughtered them ALL and we hide the killers for your sake, o Assad!”

As for the rest of the members of the respected international community who were dead silent during the last 6 months, the Syrian Human Rights Organization esteems them too highly to expect them even to mention the Geneva agreement.

It is the right of the Syrian Human Rights Organization to seek justice as the basis on which to build civil peace, rather than opting for a tenuous peace built on the skulls of Syrians and likely to provide a good basis for future earthquakes and eruptions whose horrors only God knows.

And it is the right of the Syrian people, who sacrificed the blood of their children, to have a president for all Syrians, and not a president of the few drawn from the ranks of the murderers and assassins.

Damascus, 01/07/2013
The Board of Director


moulham Alhassani
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The Syrian Human Rights Organization welcomes the statement of the U.S., State Department, and commends its declared positions in support of right,
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